"Damiano, Carmine" - Selaus tekijän mukaan MTT:n julkaisusarjat

    • Genetic stability of wild pear (Pyrus pyraster, Burgsd) after cryopreservation by encapsulation dehydration 

      Condello, Emiliano; Palombi, Maria Antonietta; Tonelli, Maria Grazia; Damiano, Carmine; Caboni, Emilia
      Agricultural and Food Science : 2 (MTT Agrifood Research FinlandThe Scientific Agricultural Society of Finland, 2009)
      Shoot tips of Pyrus pyraster were successfully cryopreserved by encapsulation-dehydration. Na--alginate beads each containing one shoot tip, dehydrated for 2 days in 0.75M sucrose and desiccated to 20% moisture content ...