• Effect of dietary linseed supplements on ù-3 PUFA content and on IGF-1 expression in broiler tissues 

      Saprõkina, Zinaida; Karus, Avo; Kuusik, Sirje; Tikk, Harald; Järv, Peeter; Soidla, Riina; Lember, Aleksander; Kaldmäe, Helgi; Karus, Virge; Roasto, Mati
      Agricultural and Food Science : 1 (MTT Agrifood Research FinlandThe Scientific Agricultural Society of Finland, 2009)
      The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of ù-3 PUFA-rich linseed-supplemented diet on the ù-6/ù-3 PUFA content and IGF-I mRNA expression in broiler tissues. Broilers (50 of 21 d old and 90 of 42 d old) were divided ...